Tom Hanks visits the retro-future, robot waiters serve pizza in 1983, and book publisher Peter Usborne dies at 85.

February 2023

From 1980s nostalgia to another flying car company biting the dust, these were the articles you may have missed.
We take a look at bizarre medical gadgets from the 1920s, a Space Age kitchen from 1958, and much more.

January 2023

This week we looked at how TV tech was going to transform war, the fancy runways of the 1920s, what robotic pets should smell like, and more.
"Steinmetz says four hours is a day’s work. The boss says it is hard to get a man to work that long.”
"Hav u ever considerd th meny benefits ov a simplified fonetic speling that soundz just liek it's riten?"
Members at Paleofuture+ now have exclusive access to every Closer Than We Think newspaper comic strip from 1958 to 1963.
The Panoram Soundies existed before the proliferation of television, meaning they existed as a kind of communal small-screen entertainment before TV…
How did a cartoonist from 1923 accurately predict the AI of 2023?
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The average price is currently $4.44 per gallon.
After years of FOIA requests, I finally found footage of the test.